Welcome back! After a couple months of hibernation, the tasting room has reopened. Please make a reservation for the number of people in your party. The maximum number of people allowed in a group is 6. Also, there will be 3 tasting times available each day. Please only book for 1 time. We’d love to have you stay all day, but current law limits patrons to 90 minutes.

Here is the short and sweet summary of how things work:

  • Reservations required.  Reserve here.
  • We’re here to serve YOU!  Get comfortable at your table and we will provide full service so you can relax.
  • Wear a mask at all times, unless you are seated at your table.  Please also wear a mask when the server comes to your table.
  • No mingling between tables.
  • Anyone who wishes to order an alcoholic beverage, must (per the Governor’s executive order) order food either before or at the same time as ordering a drink.
  • Visitors from outside of MA must follow the MA travel order.

Yeah, our new procedures are a little different from how we have previously operated, but we want to ensure we provide a very comfortable and safe experience for all.

Welcome back!

-Christian and Donna