We work with world class growers in two premium grape growing regions of California:
Paso Robles, and Edna Valley.

About 3 hours south of San Francisco and about 10 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, you will find Paso Robles, part of the Central Coast AVA. Paso Robles is considered to have an ideal climate for growing Rhône varietals including Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Viognier, Marsanne, and Rousanne because of its warm climate and abundance of limestone in the soils. Paso also has been producing some terrific Bordeaux wines and has developed a reputation for complex blends.

An hour south of Paso Robles, and even closer to the Pacific Ocean, lies San Luis Obispo. Also part of the Central Coast AVA, San Luis Obispo benefits from a marine influence which provides a mild summer and warm fall, thus lengthening the growing season. The varietals Pinot Noir, Chardoanny, Grenache, Syrah, and Albarino all benefit from this climate.

Paso Robles

Anna’s Vineyard (Viognier)
A dedicated collection of Rhône grape varieties, Anna’s mountainous 48 acres are divided between six red varieties and 4 lower elevation white varieties.  The red varieties benefit from ideal sun exposure and exhibit the nuanced flavors of their elevated mountain site in Paso Robles’ Adelaida District. The red varieties lie on an extreme 30 degree slope rooted in devigorating calcareous shale sub soils. At 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the afternoon marine air flow accentuates a dramatic 40-50 degree diurnal temperature cool down. The white varieties lie at the lowest point of the vineyard, 1,595 feet, which promotes a pooling of the cool air. All vines are planted on lime tolerant rootstock using a vertical shoot training system. Yields are maintained at 2 tons/acre.

X-Line Vineyard (Cabernet Sauvignon)
A brand new 83 acre vineyard that only produced the first grapes in 2016.  We are expecting big things from this vineyard given its spectacular location on the West Side of Paso Robles, soils, elevation, and vineyard manager.  There are very, very few new vineyards being planted on the West Side due to suitable locations, so many wineries (especially us!) are excited to taste the wine.

Diamond Jem (Cabernet Sauvignon)
A very 25 acre vineyard unique vineyard given its location in one of the cooler climates of Paso Robles.  While the south sloping hills still offer more than enough sun exposure, the valley in which it sits moderates the temperature.  The result is long growing season which allows the fruit to fully ripen.  In addition to producing a medium bodied wine full of rich red fruit notes, there is a hint of blueberry on the palate, typical of cooler climates.  Yields are low (2-2.5 tons/acre) allowing the vines to concentrate flavors in a limited number of berries.


Edna Valley

We use two vineyards in this area, Spanish Springs Vineyard (Grenache, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah) and Paragon Vineyard (Albarino). Just a couple miles inland from the Pacific Ocean and the quaint town of Pismo Beach, these vineyards produces exceptional fruit in a very unique micro-climate. The close proximity to the ocean provides a constant “cooling” and long growing season, while the southern facing slopes allow the fruit to fully mature. This ideal combination produces ripe fruit, with well balanced sugar and acid levels.