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Sauvignon Blanc Cuvée 2

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Berkshire White Wine Bao Bao

About the Wine

The second vintage of  this immensely popular wine.  Bright and full of character. Abundant crispness from stainless steel fermentation balanced by a limited amount of sur lie aging to provide a bit of body.  For those Sauvignon Blanc enthusiasts, we describe it as a cross between a New Zealand and a French style.  Bao indicates it pairs well with Havarti, seafood, or a bright summer day.

The Story

A sophisticate with a smattering of seven languages under his collar, our canine partner Bao (pronounced however you please when he’s not around) shares more than a few characteristics with this wine. Both come across as very bright, full of character and extremely food friendly.  Neither would ever prefer a sneaker over a nice Havarti, hence the “tall tale”.

Technical Info

Varietals: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Vineyards: Paso Robles, CA and Colombia Gorge, WA

Aging: 3 months (100% stainless steel)

Alcohol: 12.2%

pH: 3.15

Production: 190 cases